Pamela Hackett is on a quest to help companies and their teams build businesses that are both fit and healthy – productive and engaged. Leaders can make their numbers and have people who love coming to work. It starts with them. How they manage to engage.

Manage to Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results is a compendium of ideas and resources that will fill the engagement gap, allowing us to focus on what matters— our people—to create true advantage.

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Meet Pamela Hackett

PAMELA HACKETT has loved working for Proudfoot for 35 years. She started as a front-line consultant in the international operations consulting firm and is now CEO. She has advised, led, and supported some of the world’s leading brands through changes in their operating models, results and culture. In a world driven by technology, she believes the future of business is (still) people. She challenges the poor success rates of transformation and doesn’t believe people are Intrinsically resistant to change. But she does believe managers impact both.

Pam also believes frontline managers and team leaders are the most influential people in a business – sometimes even more than the CEO. Why? Because people power everything. Without your frontline teams taking the right action, a change in results won’t come. Nothing moves until your people move. 

Pam believes if you want to become a great leader who delivers remarkable results, you must first learn how to manage to engage. In her new book, Manage to Engage, she introduces 9 triggers to engagement and the practical tools for leaders at every level to better engage people in a post pandemic world. She believes companies can achieve both a fit and healthy business – one that is productive and engaging – the holy grail.

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The book now available on

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