Proudfoot’s CEO Pamela Hackett on managing to engage

For 35 years, the CEO of Proudfoot Pamela Hackett has successfully advised, led and supported some of the world’s leading brands through business transformation. In her new book, Manage to Engage, she introduces practical tools for leaders at every level to better engage people in a post-pandemic world and to drive positive transformational change. “Employee engagement […]

Can the Heroes and Heroines of Game of Thrones Offer Lessons to Business Leaders?

Leadership Lessons for Business Leaders from Game of Thrones

Any Game of Thrones fan knows the intense level of chaos in every scene of each episode that has played out over eight seasons which culminated in this weeks finale. Spoiler alert … heroes were lost, heroines were made, hearts and minds constantly changed, allegiances became interwoven, leadership styles were tested and individual stories of […]

Lessons For Leaders In Implementing Change

4 Lessons For Leaders In Implementing Change | Pam Hackett

Lessons for Leaders – Digital disruption is changing today’s business landscape at an unprecedented speed. Leaders guiding their companies sustainably into the future must first look at the implementation of successful business transformation.   The pace of technological change is unprecedented. Breakthroughs such as big data, IoT and artificial intelligence are disrupting traditional business models […]

Leadership Disrupted In a Fast Business World

Leadership through Digital Disruption | Pam Hackett

Leaders must step up and learn to be agile in order to guide their brands through digital disruption into a sustainable future. What does it take to lead in today’s workplace? One thing is certain; leadership has been disrupted and is vastly different from what has come before. Old top-down control models are extinct. A […]

The book reviews

Nominated for Book of the Year by The Magic Pen. We are humbled and honored to announce The Magic Pen’s nomination of Manage To Engage for Book of the year.  Read the review article about the book.   Goodreads reviews Manage To Engage The American social book catalog website has weighed in on Manage To […]

Leading for Legacy

What #HeadsUp managers do to transform themselves into leaders who leave a legacy