By Pamela Hackett
Posted December 16, 2021

How to Rethink How You Re Engage with Your People


PAMELA HACKETT has advised, led, and supported people through major change within some of the world’s most prominent companies and brands throughout her 35 years in management consulting. She is the Global CEO of the international consultancy Proudfoot, a pioneer of “boots on the ground” consulting that’s been in the game for eight decades. Hackett is on a quest to help all companies build businesses that are both fit and healthy, productive and engaged. Her new book, Manage to Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results (Wiley; April 6, 2021), is a compendium of ideas and resources that will help leaders and managers focus on what matters—their people—to achieve their numbers and create true advantage. Learn more at

The big idea: We’ve been through a tsunami of unprecedented business change. We’ve gone virtual. Reinvented our business models. Cut costs. And forged new supply chains. So, what’s on deck next? Reengaging with employees.

The problem? Despite our newly re-imagined businesses, we’re engaging with employees in the same ol’ tired and ineffective ways. The result? According to a startling new report, a whopping 69% of employees have one foot out the door, 52% are on the job hunt, and 71% are more disengaged than the year before.

The key message: Your employee team leaders and frontline managers are now the most valuable players in your business—even more so than the CEO—says visionary leader and Proudfoot Global CEO PAMELA HACKETT. With the right tools, they’re the ones who will reach your people, create a sense of community, spark collaborations, and re-energize teams to fully engage day after day, and with gusto.

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CEO Proudfoot – the global Transformation & Operations Management Consultancy | Author Manage To Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results | Host Wrestling Chaos Podcast | Purpose in life: To remind leaders that nothing moves until your people are moved – and that’s the starting point to achieve transformation success! If you are a boss, your superpower needs to be getting people to go ‘all-in’ at work.
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