By Pamela Hackett
Posted November 15, 2021

Pamela Hackett & Bryan Hinckley : “How to stay engaged with the workforce”


Today we’re joined by Pamela Hackett and Bryan Hinckley. Pamela is the CEO of Proudfoot Global Consulting, Author of Manage To Engage, Keynote Speaker, Transformation Results Advisory Counsel, #HeadsUp Movement activist, and opinion columnist.

She comes to us with some great thoughts about how to stay engaged with the workforce and make the most of being in a leadership position, even when you might not know all the steps. Her book “Manage to Engage” covers some of the easier solutions for up-and-coming leaders to get their colleagues engaged and interested in the work they’re doing.

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CEO Proudfoot – the global Transformation & Operations Management Consultancy | Author Manage To Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results | Host Wrestling Chaos Podcast | Purpose in life: To remind leaders that nothing moves until your people are moved – and that’s the starting point to achieve transformation success! If you are a boss, your superpower needs to be getting people to go ‘all-in’ at work.
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