By Pamela Hackett
Posted August 27, 2021

The People Impact Podcast : How You Manage to Engage, with guest Pamela Hackett


In the best led businesses, leaders are actively in the game, and they connect with people: heads up, engage.

You can do that pragmatically – and easily – once you look through the right lens. Pamela Hackett, our new guest, offers you a new perspective.

She is CEO of Proudfoot, a firm that does meaty transformation processes. The people element is always at the backbone of this work.

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About Pamela Hackett
CEO Proudfoot – the global Transformation & Operations Management Consultancy | Author Manage To Engage: How Great Managers Create Remarkable Results | Host Wrestling Chaos Podcast | Purpose in life: To remind leaders that nothing moves until your people are moved – and that’s the starting point to achieve transformation success! If you are a boss, your superpower needs to be getting people to go ‘all-in’ at work.
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