By Pamela Hackett
Posted July 24, 2021

You’ve Re-imagined Your Business. Now It’s Time to Rethink How You Reengage with Your People


Listen to host Eric Dye & Pamela Hackett discuss the following:

  1. What would make you write a book on engagement when there are already so many?
  2. Who really is the book aimed at? Senior leaders or front line team leaders?
  3. What’s the main point you want someone to take away?
  4. You have some pretty simple tools in the book – HeadsUp, 1.5.30., Bad Hair Days. being active. You even talk about ‘what cheeses people off’, are they really that simple?
  5. You talk about 2Fs and 7Cs in your book. What are you wanting to achieve – is it a scorecard or just a way to remember what you should do?
  6. What do you think is the most difficult things about engaging people?
  7. Do you think people can really learn to engage other people? Doesn’t it just come naturally?
  8. In a world gone remote, how do you not have people feel remote?
  9. What’s your best story that talks to engagement?


Click the play button down below to listen the podcast.

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